Q Parker Jr. is a very loving and caring kid that loves to have fun. He helps out non-profit   organizations. He also visits senior citizens homes to help the elderly. He is a true kid at heart that loves to play video games and one of his dreams is to become a wrestler. Thanks to a family friend WWE very own Ezekiel Jackson.

 At such a young age he keeps very busy. His activities include:  The Atlanta Boy Choir - Choir 1, Taekwondo, Art of Confidence 1st Place Winner of the Dance Competition twice. He's now a 5th grader at his new middle school, Kipp Strive Academy. Honor Roll, Band Accomplishments (earned 10 belts) The Challenge Program for Gifted Students, Pinewood Durby Race First Place Winner 2 years in a row, Webelo II ranking in Cub Scouts just to name a few.

Featured Author: Q Parker Jr.